Tuesday 7/28

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program:

Another top-notch show planned for today! With new allegations leveled against Senator Conrad, we’ll talk about how big a deal this is if it is true; North Dakota continues its legacy with alcohol now that UND has been named one of the Top 20 Party Schools in the nation by The Princeton Review; Michael Vick reinstated, and some people want him to now become Michael Vike; The Erin Andrews fiasco, is there a problem of Media Abuse in this country? Plus we’ll be chatting with Hannah Sorenson about her being Minnesota’s representative to the Young Scientist Challenge!

Along with the usual players – Top 5 @ 10, The One Minute of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back and This Day in History – we’re all set for Tuesday’s program, Live from Fargo.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/28

  1. I am really rooting for Hannah to win!
    She was very impressive on your show today.
    I was actually thinking your big idea for her would be to give her a semi-regular spot on your show talking science or something like that.

  2. You know Moon Dog, that’s not a bad idea at all.

    I spent many years teaching kids in a theatre conservatory. Their ages: 12-17. Even just talking with Hannah on the phone, she was, as you stated, remarkably impressive. I only qualify it with “remarkably” because…the young lady is 13! Smart, polite, well-spoken and quite engaging; mature beyond her years.

    We’re all rooting for Hannah!

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