Today’s Show Tuesday 8/24

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program:
Should Teachers be trained for Cultural Sensitivity?; A Dad gets innovative with his punishment of his teen daughter, is it Creative Parenting or Going too Far?; Mike Williams joins us to talk about the protest Road Project on South 25th Street; and UND Volleyball Coach Ashley Hardee chats with us about the upcoming V-Ball season!

Along with the usual players – Top 5 @ 10, The One Minute of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back and This Day in History – we’re all set for Tuesday’s program, Live from Fargo.

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One thought on “Today’s Show Tuesday 8/24

  1. you and your listener made a good point on your show today, cultural awareness should be the parents responsbilities, not the school. has anybody ever checked how much teachers make lately? to add more on their plate is unreasonable. I’m asian, when I came to this country (by the way I came here ligally and am now a proud citizen) I made a point of learning everything about the US and it’s culture, I did not nor would I have ever dreamed of the US accomodating me and my cultural heritage. Some of this people come and practically demand the US for all sorts of services, services they would never get from their homeland. I have suggestions for this folks, if they don’t like it here why don’t they go back where they came from. They’ve created enough burden to the folks putting up the bill and that’s every tax payers of this country.

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