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Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program:

Some State Lawmakers in Montana want to make all homosexual acts illegal; Wikileaks, how far is too far in sharing information?; We’ll be chatting with the folks from Extreme Home Makeover, who are going to be in Fargo for an upcoming show; Maureen Kelly Jonason from Historical and Cultural Society chats with us about upcoming events this Fall; Lynn Spearl from the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center joins us!

Along with the usual players – Top 5 @ 10, The One Minute of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back and This Day in History – we’re all set for Tuesday’s program, Live from Fargo.

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One thought on “Today’s Show Tuesday 9/21

  1. As the parent of two gay sons, both Harvard graduates, one of whom is a current Rhodes’ scholar completing his doctorate in Social Anthropology, the other living in New York making a six-figure income at the age of 24, I feel compelled to voice my opinion of today’s topic. Several points made by your callers need to be clarified. First, you do not choose to be gay – period. You are born gay. You do not get “tired” of the opposite sex and decide you will become gay; nor do you have traumatic instances in your young life that “turn” you gay – I consider this ignorance at its finest. Secondly, regarding the “despicable acts” gay people perform in their bedrooms, this is nothing more than an expression of physical intimacy that works for men who are gay. I’m tired of people defining my children based on what they think may or may not be happening in their bedrooms. Quite frankly, there are a great many straight people who do some awfully kinky stuff in the privacy of their own homes. Do we define their entire character based on these acts? Never! Lastly, and the reason I included a bit of bio information at the beginning of this email, my sons and their friends who are gay happen to be brilliant, productive members of society. To deny them the same rights as others in the hetero community is insulting and extremely inhumane. They are neither despicable nor depraved, but human beings – as are we all. They deserve to love, marry, have families, and live their lives to the fullest with the same benefits and considerations as their straight counterparts. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice this opinion. I am proud and extremely privileged to be the mother of these two, fine young men.

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