Today’s Show Wednesday 10/6

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program:

Another Jam Packed Show! (though I prefer raspberry preserves to jam, but that’s just me) Big BIG News in Viking Land, Randy Moss is returning to Minnesota just in time to participate in what looks to be a disappointing season where we miss the playoffs; Members of the FMCT swing by the studio to chat about their upcoming productions; Karin Stoker of the HoDo fills us in on Bras on Broadway; Wendy Gabriel and Simple Tips for Green Living; John Lamb with the Culture Watch; and one of our favorite guests, Senator Byron Dorgan chats with us about what’s going on in the Senate!

Along with the usual players – Top 5 @ Noon, The One Minute of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back and This Day in History – we’re all set for Wednesday’s program, Live from Fargo.

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