Today’s Show Friday 10/8

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program:

Today’s Friday Fargo Farrago is LIVE from the Extreme Makeover Site! We’ll talk about how the project is coming; Despite Randy Moss’ 14,000+ Career yards, 76 yards/game, and 151 Career TD’s, Twins again fall to the Yankee’s to make the series 0-2 heading to New York; Rob Kupec with Class of the Week; Members of the “Derby Guys” Rock City Riot swing by the studio to chat about their upcoming season; Jeanne Wolf lets us know what movies are worth seeing; and famed Jazz Trumpeter Wayne Bergeron joins us in studio, courtesy of FM Jazz Arts!

Along with the usual players – Top 5 @ Noon, The One Minute of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back and This Day in History – we’re all set for Thursday’s program, Live from Fargo.

Join Christopher this morning from 11 to 2 on AM 970 WDAY. And if you’d like to join the discussion, here’s how you do it:

Studio Lines:
(701) 293-9000
(800) 279-9329


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