Thursday Sneak Peek

Thursday Sneak Peek: Dannion Brinkley, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, best-selling author, world renowned speaker and entrepreneur has been a hospice volunteer for 33 years.  From his own experience of taking his World War II veteran father to VA hospitals for care, Dannion saw the need and began spending time with veterans.
Having spent more than 26,000 hours at the bedside of dying veterans, Dannion is a leading expert in the role of volunteers and complementary care in palliative, end of life care.
Dannion has received numerous awards in area of Palliative care including the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service, the Courage and Valor Award from the National Foundation for Women Legislators and numerous VA Awards including numerous VA Special Service Awards. He was also nominated for the VA Special Secretary’s Award and the Heart of Hospice Award of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Association’s highest honor.
Please join us as we discuss veterans care tomorrow at 1:08 in honor of Veterans Day
this Sunday.