Friday Sneak Peek

Tomorrow on CGP: Brad Spirrison from Appolicious stops by to talk Black Friday Apps and more! Jeanne Wolf live from Hollywood to talk weekend Box office including Breaking Dawn Part 2. Resident Twi-hards Juli Morlock and Jennifer Bjornson will share their review for us next week. The WDAY NFL Experts are coming down to the wire and will make their weekend picks and more. 11-2 ct on AM 970 WDAY &

One thought on “Friday Sneak Peek

  1. Christopher, the young man who was refused confirmation isn’t on your online agenda but if you discuss it I’m wondering if the question has been asked, where did he get the sign he is holding up – did he buy it or steal it. Also as far as the defacing of the sign if this was a pro-gay marriage sign and someone did the same thing don’t you think there are some out there that would consider the person racist or to the extreme – if the sign was stolen – it could be considered a hate crime? He’s allowed his opinion but opinions shared pubicly come with ramifications.

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