Monday Sneak Peek

Monday Sneak Peek: After quite a weekend of events and football, it’s time to get back into it. I’m going to share my take on the two teens in Barnesville denied Catholic confirmation after it was discovered they supported same-sex marriage. I grew up in the Greek Orthodox Church (which used to be one with the Catholic Church in the broader Eastern Orthodoxy) so I’m only too aware of the complexity of this issue. And this is not a topic to endorse or criticize the Catholic Church. Rather, I simply want to pursue this from the standpoint of latitude in faith: Should there be any, and if so – how do you draw the line? Plus, Kiplinger’s associate editor and official Financial advisor of the CGP, Sandra Block is in to break down the fiscal cliff. Jeff Kolpack has our Monday Sports rap including the Bison FCS bracketology and where the BCS standings stand and more. We’re live from Fargo at 11a CT on 970 WDAY and worldwide online at

One thought on “Monday Sneak Peek

  1. Mr. Gabriel;
    My stance on this issue regarding the Confirmation denial is that it was indeed correct that they not receive the Sacrament of Confirmation considering they are in opposition to the Church’s teaching of what constitutes “marriage”. Marriage cannot be redefined and the fact that they feel strongly opposed to scripture’s teaching on this matter has placed them in this situation. The parish Priest is only doing what he knows he must do.
    However…such a matter is delicate and the hope would be that they would see and understand the error of such thinking and recant their previous declaration. I am not “anti-gay” or anything such as that. I am pro-marriage and do not believe we can simply re-define it to suit our wishes over those of our Creator.
    One added note…I am a Catholic who has had connections in the past with the Orthodox (Eastern Church) and love the beauty of icons!

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