Tuesday Sneak Peek

Tuesday Sneak Peak: We’ll run quite an extreme on the Tuesday program. First, the Little Falls (MN) story now that more details are known. Self-defense or murder, regarding Byron David Smith and the two teens he shot and killed in his home? In my mind, and based upon what we know, there’s one clear answer. And on a much lighter and happier note, we’ll revisit our friends at The Bolles School in Jacksonville (FL). You’ll recall their girls cross-country team made national news last year over what they did at the state championship meet. I’ll include the link from the segment I did with them as a refresher. We thought it would be fun to connect with them one year later to see how things are going… and go figure, they have yet another story to tell! Sarah Jane Jones, Lily Arnold and Coach Tony Ryan will join us. We’re live from Fargo at 11a CT on 970 WDAY and worldwide online at WDAY.com