Monday, March 18th

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program: The latest on the Blizzard conditions with Daryl Ritchison right at the top of the program. Standout NDSU golfer Amy Anderson joins the CGP for the first time. She just tied the NCAA career wins record set by Juli Inkster when she was at San Jose State. Also on the program, the NCAA men’s basketball brackets are out – as is our WDAY Scheel March Madness Challenge (winner will get a $250 gift card from Scheels!). Who do you like? And we talk often about Finland as a model of education for the rest of the world. I’m going to give you some hard facts about how they do it. You can then tell me why it wouldn’t work here in the U.S. We’re live from Fargo at 11a CT on 970 WDAY and worldwide online at