Monday, April 8th

Monday Sneak Peek: I’ve been struck by two items in this weekend’s Forum – letters from Thomas Davies and Cole Carley. In both cases, they are disgruntled with legislators in Bismarck… the reasons span legislation on DUI’s (this was the focus from Tom), smoking, milk in school and more. I’ve talked to many folks here in Fargo who feel the same way. It brings to mind one question: If there is indeed a collective frustration with the individuals representing us, how do we correct it? More specifically – are enough of you/us getting involved when it’s time to elect our state’s officials? Also – the Final Four: Michigan vs. Louisville. Who do you like? And we’ll introduce you to the new Artistic Director for Gooseberry Park Players, Debbie Griffith.

And don’t forget our regular features Top 5 @ Noon and Late Night Comic Highlights.

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