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I was very sorry to hear of the passing of a true broadcast legend here in the Upper Midwest, WDAY’s Marv Bossart.

Mr. Bossart died of Parkinson’s disease. He spoke about it publicly on WDAY as well as to anyone who found their way into a conversation with him about it. My grandfather died of Parkinson’s and on the occasion I first met Mr. Bossart, indeed the subject came up.

I didn’t have a longstanding friendship with him beyond a WDAY alumni luncheon and several other events I attended with him. But without fail he was charming, engaging, thoughtful and fascinating.

In a theatrical production you learn about the character you’re playing through two sources. The first, your own lines. And the second, what other characters are saying about you.

In life much the same is true.

How you comport yourself through the spoken word paints part of your picture; how others speak of you paints the rest. And to a man and woman, I’ve never spoken with anyone who had anything but praise and admiration for Marv Bossart.

He left a great legacy, both with his work on WDAY and those taught by him.

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2 thoughts on “Marv Bossart

  1. Not since Paul Harvey’s passing have I felt such sadness for a newsman now gone. Kevin Wallevand’s piece brought a tear to my eye. Like Harvey’s daily radio broadcasts and his many rest of the stories, I grew up on Marv Bossart’s nightly delivery of the local TV news. But Marv was our very own. In fact, Marv WAS synonymous with the F-M news. Channel 6 was it. His on-air presence was always warm, welcoming and composed. Who didn’t love Marv Bossart?

    While other anchors came and went over the years (not just WDAY, but all of the local affiliates), Marv was a nightly mainstay for my entire life, up until I moved away for my second year of college. Coincidentally that was around the same time he retired. While he had been off the air for well over a decade, I’d occasionally wonder what he was up to in his golden years. I had no idea he was dealing with Parkinson’s these days. But at least now he is at peace.

    So thank you, Mr. Bossart. You gave us 42 incredible years, and you are a Valley legend, indeed!!

  2. A very nice written peice on Marv Bossart and nice tribute. Being born and raised in Fargo, I remember watching Marv Bossart for many years along with the other WDAY greats. He was a class act. While I never met him personally, I remember seeing him around Fargo a lot and especially in West Acres. He was the best at what he did. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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