Wednesday, August 24th

Today on The CGP: We’ll give you the latest look at the rising Red River. Also, I didn’t have time to get to it but it remains a pretty fascinating story, that of now former KFYR-TV (Bismarck, ND) news anchor A.J. Clemente. He swears (couple of top-of-the food chain words) on air, becomes what would appear to be a national hero going on Letterman, the Today Show… it’s now Show Sympathy to the Guy Who Swore in His First Moment on Air Week. Plus, Forum’s John Lamb has this weeks happenings with Culture Watch. Marianne Cusato, known for designing better- not bigger- homes- homes, joins us sto discuss her book “The Just Right Home. We’re live from Fargo at 11a CT on 970 WDAY and worldwide online at