Tuesday, May 7th

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program: Elite legal mind Bruce Quick joins me to discuss the Boston bombings, Amanda Knox’s retrial in Italy and the Supreme Court case Florida v. Jardines. (dealt with a dog sniff on a home without a warrant). Also, the show “Dance Moms.” I’ve known about it for several years but not until tonight had I watched it. I fully expected to be disgusted with yet another misguided, carnival side-show in the world of reality television. And — I wasn’t disappointed. BUT – I watched every minute of the program. How did I get sucked in? Why do people get sucked in… this is Season 3 so a lot of people are on the hook. That and more as we’re live from Fargo at 11a CT and as always we welcome your thoughts at talk@wday.com or 888-970-9329 and 293-9000.

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