Thursday, January 23

Today on The Christopher Gabriel Program: The phrase “Do what you love” gets a ton of play these days… and has since Steve Jobs’ Stanford graduation speech in 2005. The fulcrum – if you do what you love, work won’t really feel like work and your worth as a person rises exponentially vs. doing work you don’t love tha…t is considered socially unacceptable and, in turn, worthless. The entirety of this is debated in many environments, from academia to small businesses to non-profits, etc. We’ll finally explore it on the CGP. For New Music Thursday, the wonderful Tim Hoffelt returns. Daryl Ritchison, perhaps the busiest man with a Doppler, joins me for the most exciting 17 minutes of weather on radio. Joe Riley and Matt Charpentier make their weekly visit for Grilling Addiction… and still more! We’re ready to go for the Thursday CGP!

And don’t forget our regular features: Top 5 @ Noon and Late Night Comic Highlights.

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